November 2016

My review, for Canvas, of the Yinchuan Biennale in China, brought to you by the masterminds behind the Kochi Muziris Biennale.


September 2016


I traveled to Tehran to spend some time with artist Shahpour Pouyan to discuss power, failure, towers and war. Very proud that this made it into ArtAsiaPacific‘s 100th issue.


July 2016


My review for ArtReview Asia of Tarek Abou el-Fetouh’s show The Time is Out of Joint at Sharjah Art Foundation.

ARA Summer16_digital_ KJ


My review of Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi’s show “Magnetic Bodies: Imaging the Urban” at Dubai’s The Third Line gallery.


May 2016


As Dubai-based Canvas magazine takes on a new editor and a new direction, I settled in to write a feature on Syrian-American artist Diana al-Hadid’s nearly two-decade-long practice, spring boarding off her show in March 2016 at NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.



I may be the first writer ever to compare a collector to shawarma…favourably! My profile of collector/patron Dana Farouk for ArtAsiaPacific May/June 2016 issue is all about nourishing conviviality and galvanising forces.


March 2016


My review for ArtReview Asia of Beirut-based curator Amanda Abi Khalil’s show “White Cube…Literally” at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde in Dubai


September 2015


My feature on Turkish princess-painter Fahrelnissa Zeid in the Sept/Oct issue of ArtAsiaPacific. Zeid was generously featured in Sharjah Bienial 12 and will be the topic of a conference at the Istanbul Biennial starting Sept 2015.

AAP95_Feature_FahrelnissaZeid FINAL


The final essay (and video) in my UAE Ecosystem series, which has spanned three issues of ArtAsiaPacific. This ultimate gathering is with UAE-based collectors.

AAP95_Essay_WhyHere FINAL


My review of Hassan Sharif’s show Images at Dubai’s Isabelle van den Eynde gallery for ArtAsiaPacific.


May 2015


My review for FlashArt International of Slavs and Tatars’ new cycle of work, Mirrors for Princes, at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.

FAI 302 Reviews Slavs and Tatars Mirrors for Princes NYUAD

AR Asia Summer 2015 cover

ArtReview Asia asked me to review Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck’s entanglements in his Dubai show at Green Art Gallery.



The first in my series of three essays on the UAE Arts Ecosystem for ArtAsiaPacific. First up, the artists. Includes videoed excerpts from our conversations.


I profiled Sheikha Hoor bint Sultan al-Qasimi as she geared up for her gig as curator of the UAE National Pavillion at the 56th Venice Biennale for ArtAsiaPacifc.

93_Profiles-Sheikha_p62-63 FINAL


My review of Iranian artist Siah Armajani’s Tomb Series in New York at Alexandre Gray in ArtAisaPacific.

93_Reviews-NewYork-Siah_p135 FINAL

March 2015

My profile on Italian-Lebanese Venezuela-based artist Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck for Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia.

ABY Profile FINAL 2015-03 HBA


My feature on Palestinian artists Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme for ArtAsiaPacific, coinciding with the reveal of their third and final installation in the Incidental Insurgents series at Sharjah Biennial 12.


November 2014

My essay for Art Review‘s yearly Power Issue. The breif: ponder why Qatar’s Sheikha Mayassa tumbled from her 2013 number 1 spot.

AR Power Issue Qatar essay Nov 2014

Another essay, this time for ArtAsiaPacific, on the Louvre Abu Dhabi and how it is crafting its narrative.


Once again for ArtAsiaPacific, a review of the Slavs and Tatars show Language Arts at Dubai’s The Third Line.


May 2014

My profile of the amazing Fayçal Baghriche for Canvas.


AAP 88.Cover and Masthead

My feature for ArtAsiaPacific on Saloua Raouda Choucair, a nearly forgotten Lebanese modernist.

HBA 13 Cover

I convinced Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia  to let me investigate A Guest without a Host is a Ghost: the Kadist Foundation’s collaboration with non-profit space Beirut in Cairo.

HBA 13.Kadist.K Jones.pp77-80.

March 2014


My low-down on the Dubai arts ecosystem for ArtAsiaPacific.



My essay on the elusive collective GCC.


February 2014

Some more work for Artforum: my review of Ralf Ziervogel and Rui Chafes’ Black Rainbow show at Dubai’s Carbon 12 gallery

January 2014

New year, new publication: I started contributing to the venerable Artforum, with the first of (hopefully) many critics picks to follow. This is on Asad Faulwell’s Bed of Broken Mirrors show at Dubai’s Lawrie Shabibi.

December 2013

Nafas Magazine at the Universes-in-Universe site asked me to review the Emirati Expressions: Realised show in Abu Dhabi.

November 2013

I covered Abu Dhabi Art for

Flash Art International asked me to review Jung Lee’s solo show at Dubai’s Green Art Gallery

108-NUOVA copia

My profile of Lebanese/Egyptian artist Lara Baladi for Brownbook‘s “Coffee” issue

Brownbook.42.Coffee.Lara Baladi. FINAL


Inspired by Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh and Rozenne Quéré’s Possible and Imaginary Lives, I considered the fictional archive in an essay for ArtAsiaPacific

AAP 86.Essays.Possible and Imaginary Lives.FINAL

photo 2

My take on Larissa Sansour’s show Science Faction at Dubai’s Lawrie Shabibi gallery

photo 2

Dubai-based non-profit Tashkeel asked me to write a catalogue essay for resident artist Amartey Golding’s solo show

(pdf forthcoming)

September 2013

I reminisced about Hassan Sharif’s 2011 Experiments and Objects show in Abu Dhabi for ArtAsiaPacific‘s 20×20 series

AAP 85

I visited Dubai’s Third Line gallery and reviewed Rana Begum’s N° 10 show for ArtAsiaPacific

AAP Issue 85 Rana Begum review

AAP 85

I travelled to Singapore to see the Terms and Conditions show at the Singapore Art Museumfor Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia

(pdf forthcoming)


July 2013

My take on Ahlam Shibli’s controversial show Phantom Home at Paris’ Jeu de Paume for ArtAsiaPacific blog:

My profile of Egyptian artist Wael Shawky in Brownbook, the Mediterrannean issue:

Brownbook.40.Wael Shawky.FINAL.pp30-36

Brownbook Issue 40 Cover

I strolled through the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Birth of A Museum showfor Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia

HBA.Louvre Abu Dhabi.Issue 8.Jul Aug 2013

HBA Issue 8 Cover

I wrapped up Sharjah Biennial 11 for Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia:

(pdf forthcoming)

HBA Issue 8 Cover

May 2013

My review of Michael Rakowitz’s Dar al Sulh for ArtAsiaPacific blog

April 2013

I visited Beirut (space) in Cairo (city) to write this Magic of the State review for Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia

HBA.Issue 7.Review.Magic of the State.600w.KJS

HBA_Cover_May June-2013

March 2013

I spent a chunk of March as the “guest” blogger for SIKKA 2013, the non-commercial fair held in the shadow of Art Dubai

February 2013

Sinking my teeth into the meaty queston of street art and the need for public art in the UAE, for The National

January 2013

My double interview with Emirati artists Ebtisam Abdul Aziz and Mohammed Kazem, on questions of education, generations and the future of art from the UAE, for The National