I love writing reviews. Getting into the nooks and crannies of a work, articulating my precise feelings, contextualizing the subject, pinpointing the art historical threads, lapping up all the press material — I tend to devote a lot of time to writing these pieces. Sometimes, I spend so much time, the review takes longer to produce than the run of the show itself.

So, many abandoned Word files later, I have decided to speed up the process. How? By visiting several galleries in a single outing and writing one piece about a string of shows. Clearly, this limits time spent dawdling over details. But I will try to maintain the same level of insight and interest. And I’ll set a limit of one week from viewing to posting. Promise.

Outings will feature shows I see on local multi-gallery outings  (Outing to Al Serkal, Outing to DIFC, etc) as well as international excursions (Outing to Berlin, Outing to Paris, and so on). Of course, if one show stands out as warranting deeper attention, I will focus on it. But this swiftly delivered formula should provide the acceleration I need. Not to mention getting the review out to the  world with minimal ado.